Adult and Younger Adult Sunday School

The joint classes of the Adult and Younger Adult Sunday School will sponsor another DVD Bible Study series for the Congregation. This new study is entitled “IN THE MEANTIME” which is written and presented by Andy Stanley. This meaningful series discusses those times in your life that we all face, when you realize that the circumstances before us is beyond our control. It becomes a problem that seems to have no way to solve itself and your life seems to fall apart. What do you do? It could be a health issue with no cure, it could be money problems that have overwhelmed you, or it could be a relationship conflict that affects your entire family. These are moments when all your options look bad & without solution. So what do you do as a Christian? Options available seem to include running away, abandoning the ones you love, or quit & hide.           This six week Study will look closely at these challenging times and discuss: What can a Christian do when there’s nothing we can do?

The entire congregation is invited to share in this informative program and discussion period before church, during the Sunday School hour beginning on November 12th at 9:15 AM; you do not have to attend all the sessions to derive meaning for your life. Come and be amazed with God.


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