Drop The Drugs


As you know, there is a drug epidemic right now in the country. Here is something that regular people can do to fight this epidemic.

On, Sunday, April 15 the Drop the Drugs van, will be parked in at our parking lot, starting at 9:15 for an hour and a half for anyone wishing to discard any type of medication, no questions asked.

This unit was donated to the city of Hazleton by Paul Brenner, although not his idea, he used a service founded by Robert Klein, a former Susquehanna County District Attorney, who died recently.  The van is being brought down to us by the Conyngham Borough Police Department.

There will also be a Sharps container, for disposal of needles, such as insulin.

Go through your medicine cabinet and bring all your expired medicine or medicine that you are not taking anymore and bring it down to the church on Sunday, April 15.

Please tell your neighbors and friends as this is not just for the congregation of our church.



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