Pastor’s Monthly Message


The Pastor’s Pen… Where Will You Be?

We are well into the season of Lent. Our Ecumenical Wednesday Lenten Lunches are giving us an opportunity to feed our bodies and our souls as we gather with friends from other churches and hear a meditation by one of the pastors. This is indeed a special time! (See separate listing for the remaining schedule.)


Holy Week, when we commemorate Jesus’ journey through Jerusalem to his crucifixion, begins on Palm/Passion Sunday, March 25th, and culminates on Easter Day as we rejoice in the Resurrection. For Christians, it is not just another ordinary busy week. Many in the faith community have no problem showing up for the Sunday morning Easter celebration. It’s easy to celebrate empty tombs, life, painted eggs, and anything covered with chocolate! But it is the darkness of the week that prepares us for what happens on Easter Sunday. Where and how will you spend Holy Week?  I hope it will include participating in our special Holy Week events.


Palm/Passion Sunday  Following Sunday School for all ages at 9:15, we will gather at 10:30 in the Social Hall to hear the biblical message of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the parade with palm branches into the sanctuary. Our time of worship will move us from the spirit of Hosanna to the passion of the forthcoming days.

Maundy (or Holy) Thursday   We join with our friends up the street at Christ Church United Church of Christ at 6pm for a meal, Holy Communion and meeting some of the people who were with Jesus in his last week. This is a time to remember Jesus and his disciples on the night before his death. (See related article)

Good Friday   We will gather in the sanctuary at 7p.m. for a service of light and darkness. Through prayer, scripture, hymns, special music, and extinguishing of candles, we recall Jesus’ final days and crucifixion.

Easter Sunday Children and youth will celebrate new life with an Easter egg hunt during the Sunday school hour. At 10:30, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord with joyful worship. Come and bring family and friends.

On the days between Palm Sunday and Thursday, I encourage you to spend a few moments in personal reflection. When in your life journey have you experienced the darkness of Calvary? When and how have you known Resurrection in your life?

Holy Week. Sara Miles puts it this way: “There’s no way to contain the mystery of Holy Week in a greeting card; there’s no way to convey the immensity of the Passion through even our most over-the-top, week-long, complicated liturgies. But beginning on Palm Sunday, we have the opportunity once more to witness, receive, and be Christ. Whether we’re walking through the spring sunshine in our neighborhoods, or waiting and worrying by a bedside in the dark hours before dawn; whether we’re rejoicing in the birth of a child or grieving a loss, we are not alone. He is drawing us nearer to each other, nearer to God, and nearer, always, to Easter.

Holy Week. Where will you be?

Grace and Peace,