Meet Pastor Graham Truscott


My name is Graham Truscott. I am the new pastor at Conyngham UMC and I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself. My full name is William Graham Truscott. I’ve been called Graham since the day I was born. And it was a coincidence on my parents’ part that I was named “Billy Graham,” but perhaps not on God’s part. Even from when I was young, I’ve been immersed in the Church. I was born and raised in Lansdale PA, a suburb of Philly. There I was an active member of Christ United Methodist Church as a youth, going to Bible studies and going out on mission trips. I also attended Christian schools as a kid. Until 8th grade I went to a Quaker school in Horsham because of my dyslexia. For high school I went to Mennonite high school in Lansdale.

I think God used all that immersion in the church to give me a passion for the church and a call to serve it, God, and others. Because of this passion I went to Messiah college where I got a degree in Biblical religious studies with a Bible concentration. That usually takes too long to say so let’s just say I have a bachelor’s degree in the Bible. While going to college I fell in love with ministry and God all over again by working at Bear Creek Camp, a Lutheran camp, as a counselor. There I loved every minute of serving people, having fun, and forming youth in the faith and love. I also learned that I love the mountains. I love hiking in the woods and going camping. And in general, I like cooking and I love eating. I enjoy stories too, whether that’s listening to someone’s story or reading one in a book.

This whole path that God has led me down led me to feel the call to be a pastor and go to Duke Divinity school. There I’ve learned and have grown so much in my call, my knowledge, and my gifts for doing ministry. Now I have a passion for connecting the church with the community around it and for connecting people’s lives and the life of the church to worship, preaching, and the Bible. God has also called me to love, care, and listen to everyone in the community and together work to build up the church and its people so we can all faithfully be the people of God’s kingdom. I am so looking forward to meeting all of you at Conyngham UMC. I’m looking forward to working, worshiping, serving, and praying together with you all. And most of all I am excited to share life and this church with you all. May God keep you in peace and love in this upcoming time of transition and in this pandemic.

In the peace and love of Jesus,

Your new Pastor,

Graham Truscott