Pastor’s Monthly Message


I hope everyone is doing well in the middle of this pandemic. This pandemic has been difficult for all of us. One thing after another has been canceled. Events and plans have been postponed. Some of our favorite business have been closed down or been hurt. And our working lives have been greatly changed.

The leadership here at Conyngham UMC is, like many of us, looking forward to a time when we can make a new normal and can meet again in the church building. I’m sure some of us are nervous about this new normal and others are very excited. As we have entered into the green phase, we are seriously looking into ways of opening up the church so that all the children of God here at Conyngham UMC can worship together again on Sundays.

Unfortunately and regrettably, we are not quite there yet. We are still working on getting the supplies and making the plans necessary to follow all CDC and United Methodist Church guidelines for reopening. We want to follow these guidelines so that when we do reopen, we have an environment where as many of us as possible can worship without significant worry about getting sick. We want our church building to be a place of worship, care, and love to everyone in the community, from the old to the young, and not a place of anxiety or sickness. So, I must unfortunately say the church building will remain as closed as it has been for the past few months. And worship will continue online through at least July.

While this is going on the leadership here will being doing our best to figure out what a new normal for worship in our building will look like. One Bible verse that I think will be guiding us in this is Matthew 22:39: “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” All the work we do, the plans we make, and the supplies we gather are an effort to love every member of this church as ourselves. In the meantime, while we work to find our new normal, I invite everyone in the church to love your neighbor as yourself. Reach out to people you haven’t heard from in a while. Check in on your neighbors. Encourage one another in love and safety. That is how we all can be the church right now.

Please be safe, and remember to social distance when you can. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback please feel free to email me at

In the peace and love of Jesus,

Your new Pastor,

Graham Truscott